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Download offline maps of your favourite places and access them wherever you are with Maplets.

Locate yourself while hiking in a national park or state park and coordinate the route with your companions. Plan and check your commute using bus maps and bike maps

Have a copy of the metro system at hand when you travel to a foreign city. Plan your day of skiing or snowboard, off-roading in the desert, or finding your way around a university campus and much more!

Available for your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.


Maplets is a community-driven effort, and you can help by uploading maps that you have created, or improve the GPS information on your favourite maps. You can quickly contribute a map or GPS information, or with an account you can maintain your own set of maps.

If you manage and maintain establishments, such as parks, trail systems or museums, creating an account allows you to upload and maintain maps of your premises. Your visitors will have the update-to-date maps on their mobile devices to navigate and find information on hot spots and attractions.

Featured multiple times by Apple in Apps for the Great Outdoors and one of the Staff Favourites

Selected by WIRED App Guide as one of the Outstanding Apps in the Productivity category and rated it Buy It Now