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Concord Park Trails
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Location Knoxville, TN
Address Knoxville, TN
Lat, Long 35.862922, -84.131959
GPS Enabled
Phone Number 865-215-6600
Description Concord Park Trails is a mega recreational destination plays host to a wide variety of outdoor fun — on both land and water! Concord Park sprawls over both sides of Northshore Drive and is surrounded by the Fort Loudoun Lake. With separate entrances for various activities, it's a good idea to know what form of play you're interested in pursuing. The park features paved greenway trails for walkers and runners, and miles of singletrack for hikers, cross-country runners and mountain bikers. Then for your four-legged friends, the Concord Dog Park will be opening soon!. Concord Park East: the first of the Park entrances is on the right. Here you'll enjoy in-line-hockey, the skatepark, soccer fields and a walking trail. The paved Parkey Strader Loop circles the soccer field and offers a lakeside bench at its midway. Directly across the street hosts the junior golf course, tennis courts, mountain bike/hiking trails, dog park, and the marina. The next entrance on the left, provides a boat ramp and a shoreline spur trail that wanders over to a prime spot for fishing and enjoying a picnic.Aside from the multiple paved trails at other sections of the stretched-out Concord Park, there are 9.4 miles of singletrack trails. The main trail section of the park contains 7.3 miles of these trails while the remaining 2.1 lie on the west side of the parking area. Don't miss exploring both sections. From the kiosk trailhead, the trail heads uphill, so as you exit the park there will be a nice descent. The shoreline trails contour Springs Creek, an inlet of Fort Loudoun Lake. As you snake your way inland, the woods are lush and sometimes overgrown as trails become tighter. There are both flat and hilly sections and the trail surface varies from smooth to rooty sections. This is not a trail system to mountain bike during inclement weather as there will be boggy sections in dips and around the lake. Trails are well-blazed, signed and maintained.
Keywords Tennessee, Trails, Wildlife
Updated on 2014-07-14
Created on 2014-06-30
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