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Specialized versions of Maplets are also available:
The full version of Maplets has access to all the maps offered by the apps below

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Questions or inquiries? Email us at support@mobilemaplets.com

Now available for both iOS and Android!

All the map downloads are free that you need without extra charge. Maps is stored locally on your device and can be loaded quickly without internet connection. Grab all the maps you need for for daily commite, bike ride or prepare for an upcoming trip without incurring roaming charges!

There are over 10,000 maps available, including National Parks, State Parks, Metro, Bus, Ski Resorts, Wilderness Parks, Universities, and more!

Check that a map you need is available:

Find your favorite places

The application will automatically search for the places closest to you, or you can search for a specific place by name. Then at the touch of a finger your map is transferred to your device for quick browsing.

Find your location

On GPS-tagged maps, simply tap the crosshair button to find your location on the map.

It will even work if you do not have data roaming enabled in foreign country as long as your phone's GPS is functional without data.

Not all maps are GPS tagged, please check with the available maps listing for more information.

Notes (iOS only)

Annotate any map by adding your own notes! Place a pin at a point of interest, or draw a path for route planning. Maplets make it easy to add information on your trip or favourite parks.

Navigating the map

Scrolling and zooming are intuitive as you would expect on an iPhone app. Tap once to show and hide the navigation bar, or double tap to zoom in.

If a place has multiple maps, the button on the top right will allow you to switch between them.

Place info

For convenience, you can locate a place on Maps, call them or view their website right from Maplets.

In addition, there are quick links to useful real-time information such as snow conditions, weather forecasts or events.

Locate a point of interest

Spots mark out specific exhibits, points of interest or shops in order to make navigation easier. Tap the 'Location' button to reveal the spot on the map, or if a phone number is available for the spot, simply tap to call.

Request a Maplet

And if one of your favourite place isn't available, you can request it within the app itself!

And more to come!

We are continually striving to improve our application and constantly adding new maps and data. Please contact us in you have questions or suggestions at our support page