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Mobile Users

Download and navigate your favourite places with Maplets. Works on the iPads, iPhones and Android! Once downloaded the maps are stored locally so you can use it without internet connection.

  • High-resolution and fast
  • Browse maps without internet connection
  • Find places by proximity or search
  • Notified of map updates
Get it now from the iOS App Store or Play Store.

Map Providers

As a map provider, Maplets is a great way to help people find their way around your establishment. You can reduce the number of maps printed and used. Even more, you can use hot spots and events to guide people to new attractions and highlights. Use your Maplet to add in new special or daily events, give information about special sales or closed attractions, and improve visitor experience. For more information, visit our partner page

Custom Apps

Maplets is also a customizable platform that is ideal for your organization to publish maps on iOS devices. In as little as a month, a custom app can be developed and deployed, giving your organization an immediate presence in the App Store.

Visit our Products page, or send us an email and inquire about creating custom app for your organization!

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